Does Your Audience Hunger for Data?

A tricky part of successfully delivering client insight data is knowing how much data your audience wants.  So, be honest with yourself:  how well do you know your colleagues’ or clients’ data appetites?

Do your clients (whether internal or external) prefer 6 small “meals” a year? Or 2 giant ones?

Do they like a 4-course meal spread over hours, or everything stuffed onto one overflowing plate to be consumed in 20 minutes?

The frequency and size of meals varies dramatically country-to-country—as anyone who travels internationally knows.

And companies’ tastes for data vary as well.

I have worked with organizations where internal clients simply have no appetite for mega-studies. They simply can’t—or won’t—tolerate them. Fine; in those cases we just have to get a little creative and break their research (either how it is conducted or how it is delivered) into more bite-sized pieces.

I have also worked with organizations where the internal audience thrives on data. Where, in fact, the more elaborate and sizable the research, the more they respect it.

So what type of appetite do your clients have? Do they like to graze or gorge? Do they like to eat fast or take their time? And what does it mean for how you share customer insights and other data with them?

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