The training we’ve received through Research Rockstar has had an immediate impact on our day to day projects. We’ve found their training to be actionable and relevant to our business. So often we attend conferences and leave not knowing how we can implement their suggestions. That is not the case with Research Rockstar.
Marcy Updike PRC, VP Market Research, Gen Re – A Berkshire Hathaway Company
The online and onsite market research training Research Rockstar provided has helped us produce good data with our own people.
Nicole Freund, Market Research Manager, The Coleman Company
I’ve enjoyed and learned many great things from these courses. The courses provided are both comprehensive and entertaining. The large picture and the finite details are provided in such a manner that regardless of skill or previous experience the learner is kept engaged with the material. The availability of the courses to watch and review when convenient with my schedule is also very helpful.
David Johnson, Market Research Analyst, Discovery Research Group
The Project Management class from Research Rockstar is top-notch. It contains content that is understandable, actionable and highly relevant. It was a highlight of my week to attend the interactive class and to learn from such an enthusiastic teacher. Kathryn really makes the content come to life and empowers you with knowledge for your career. Thanks a bunch to Research Rockstar!
Rob Eschen, Market Research Assistant, MGMA-ACMPE
I was very impressed with the work that Research Rockstar provided. Starting with a desire to conduct a customized training program for my team, Research Rockstar quickly put together a package of classes, provided the outline and delivered the training on-site in a two-week timeline. The students were very impressed with the training and have provided me with key takeaways that they picked up during the interactive classes.
Bryan Dorsey, Manager, Online Research, John Deere
The course was well structured. It seemed to have been developed with the underlying philosophy that why you do things is at least as important as what you do. The combination of this and anecdotal illuminations made it interesting, substantive, and intellectually satisfying despite it being a fairly short course.
Walt Ronsicki, Consultant
The class isn’t just about the academic theory…it is where the rubber meets the road of getting real market research done with excellence.
President, Publishing Company
The Research Rockstar eLearning course brought me up to speed on the rapidly changing landscape of marketing research at my convenience with a live course that I could fit into my schedule. If I missed any of details of the course I was able to go back and listen again. I also appreciated the one-on-one time with Kathryn, who personally addressed some of my questions.
Insights Analyst, Market Research firm
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