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My Date with Big Bird at Quirk’s Brooklyn

Two days at the Brooklyn Quirk’s event went by in an instant! The event drew a lot of attendees from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. But I also met a fair number of people from Pennsylvania,

Riffs On-demand: Mini Lectures on Hot Research Topics

Research Rockstar students now have access to free on-demand (OD) content. We are mining hundreds of hours of class recordings to pull out short segments on various qualitative and quantitative topics. Each research "riff" is 5 to

Have You Heard the Big News? A New Professional Association for Research & Insights Professionals!

The Marketing Research Association (MRA) and the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) are merging: the new Insights Association officially launches January 1, 2017.

Six New Training Classes for Market Researcher Professionals Seeking Career Advancement

A recent survey of Research Rockstar clients tested interest in 22 specific training topics. Based on the survey results, and subsequent follow-up interviews with select participants, the following topics have been chosen:............

What new class topics should we offer in 2017?

What training topics would you like to see for the market research and customer insights profession?

Be Part of the Marketing Research Community: Attend CRC in San Francisco

Three days in San Fran with hundreds of my market research colleagues? Count me in. The MRA’s Corporate Researchers Conference is coming up September 26-28, and will be held in San Francisco.

Quirk’s Event 2016 Workshop: Mobile Self-Ethnography

...students will learn about the new area of ethnography which allows people to basically research themselves. With mobile devices, consumers can opt-in to a research experience by taking in-the-moment picture or video content, capturing sound bites or

Are Market Research Project Managers Ready for New Project Management Tools?

If your past project management tool experience was that it took more time to update the tool than to do the work, you are not alone. But a lot has changed in the past few years. Tools

Happy Thanksgiving

As a gesture of thanks for all of the good fortune we have had, we are making a donation to Feed America. “We want to show our gratitude for your business by giving back to the community,”

The Worst Advice Given to Market Researchers in 2015

Innovation that does require new software tools or applications to be developed can be “coded” or programmed elsewhere. What you, the research expert, might need to know: how to write software specifications so that you can...