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Article Synopsis: “Tips on Measuring Crucial Social Factors in New Product Research”

Consumer behavior about new products or product categories are often hard to anticipate for many reasons, but one that is often overlooked is social factors. According to author Briana Brownell, the success of some new products heavily

Are Market Researchers Creating the Functional Equivalent of genetically modified food?

Market research studies often capture and measure attitudes and behaviors, as if they could all be sorted into neat packages. We carefully structure our questions, and in the case of survey research, even our answers. We use

SANTA DOESN’T LIVE HERE: Don’t Oversell Market Research

Be careful not to oversell market research. Those of us who do market research professionally tend to get enthusiastic. We are typically people who enjoy designing and implementing research methodologies, who like to dive into mounds of

Computer-Based Training for Market Research Excellence

Computer-based training (CBT), also known as eLearning, is a time-efficient, cost-effective training option for busy professionals.

When Good Enough is Good Enough: Seeking Balance in Product & Pricing Research

The difference between good market research and great market research can be significant. But sometimes the incremental time, cost and sweat of that extra effort simply doesn’t make sense. Sometimes, “good” is just perfect. I was reminded of this

Using Customer Feedback to Inform Product Design Decisions

Using Customer Feedback to Inform Product Design Decisions: Some friendly info on MaxDiff analysis.