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Excel Versus SPSS? It’s Closer Than You Think

What if Excel could do 80% of the data analysis tasks that you use SPSS for?
If you haven't looked at Excel as a survey data analysis tool in a while, look again. Better still, come take our

Questionnaire Design 201: Online or In-Person

So, are your questionnaire design skills current? Are you over-relying on scales that are known to be subject to acquiescence bias? Or maybe you are just looking to expand the variety of scales you can use for

Client management: often overlooked, always essential.

What do market researchers absolutely have to know? Plenty of attention is paid to questionnaire design, focus group moderation, data analysis, etc. Unfortunately, one can loose sight of client management. This is a powerful skill set that

The Worst Advice Given to Market Researchers in 2015

Innovation that does require new software tools or applications to be developed can be “coded” or programmed elsewhere. What you, the research expert, might need to know: how to write software specifications so that you can...

Managing Focus Groups: How to create a dynamic conversation, with great results

A great focus groups sparks their creativity—whether for sales, marketing or product development ideas. So many business professionals crave an authentic opportunity to learn directly from their target market, and a well-recruited, professionally moderated focus group can

Cleaning the Clutter for Market Research Impact

by Debra Mascott, Director of eLearning Curriculum, Research Rockstar, LLC This summer I tackled an arduous task: cleaning out my garage. I found no shortage of baskets, boxes, barrels, half-empty paint cans, rusty garden tools and sundry

Sweet Tooth: Donuts and Lollipops Sweeten Market Research Reports

Pie charts have long been a staple way to convey data for market research reports, but are pie charts getting stale? Cutting a pie into slices to display percentages has been the de facto way to convey

Rockin’ and Research. More alike than you think.

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re on stage, your instrument in hand, set list and lyrics engraved on your heart, hearing the howl of the crowd as the lights come up and the fans go wild. Pure energy

How Can Market Research Managers Keep their Employees Motivated?

by Debra Mascott, Director of eLearning Curriculum, Research Rockstar, LLC Finding great market research employees is hard enough. But once you have them, how do you keep them motivated? Significant research exists on employee motivation—and we believe

A market researcher, a duck, and a behavioral economist walk into a bar…

Tell me if you've heard this one before.
A market researcher, a duck and a behavioral economist walk into a bar...