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Announcing a 10-episode series, “Conversations for Research Rockstars.” Please join the conversation on YouTube or the accompanying podcast (available on iTunes). Hosted by Kathryn Korostoff, with occasional special guests, the series is available now.

Katie Clark (@InsightsGal) Joins the Research Rockstar Team!

Katie Clark (known throughout the market research socialverse as @InsightsGal) has joined the Research Rockstar team to serve as its new Vice President of Content Marketing & Strategy. In this role, Katie is leading our expanding efforts

Have You Heard the Big News? A New Professional Association for Research & Insights Professionals!

The Marketing Research Association (MRA) and the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) are merging: the new Insights Association officially launches January 1, 2017.

Newsflash: You are about to be Leapfrogged

The new generation of “market researchers”, “insights analysts”, or “flavor-of-the-day-substitute-job-titles” have 2 attributes that will allow them to leapfrog...

What new class topics should we offer in 2017?

What training topics would you like to see for the market research and customer insights profession?

Be Part of the Marketing Research Community: Attend CRC in San Francisco

Three days in San Fran with hundreds of my market research colleagues? Count me in. The MRA’s Corporate Researchers Conference is coming up September 26-28, and will be held in San Francisco.

Must Read for Survey Researchers from the Pew Research Center

Confused and dismayed by the recent articles about non-probability samples? Trying to understand, “How bad is it? Can I trust data from non-probability samples?” Then read this: The Pew Research Center generously shared results from its analysis

Should You Connect with Your Instructors on LinkedIn?

Research Rockstar students often ask, “Is it okay to ask my instructors to connect with me on LinkedIn?” Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Please do!  Anyone who has participated in a Research Rockstar class knows they are

Your Purchasing Department will LOVE you for working with Research Rockstar

Does Your Company Have a Diversity Purchasing Policy? Workplace diversity has become increasingly important in recent years. But in addition to hiring a diverse workforce, did you know that many corporations have also implemented diversity purchasing policies?

Want Employees to Embrace Change? Train Them

As Wadors states, “Preparing people for change isn’t only the job of universities. Leaders in today’s organizations now have to figure out the best ways to identify, reward, and motivate…while supporting the constant need to learn. To