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Special Event This Friday!

Join us this Friday, June 9th at 12:30pm ET for a YouTube Live interactive broadcast with Research Rockstar’s lead instructor, Kathryn Korostoff on Job Title Trends for the Broader Market Research & Consumer Insights Profession. This will

More Alike than Different: The Changing Roles of Corporate and Supplier Researchers

he roles of clients and suppliers are now overlapping and intersecting in exciting new ways. Some of these new intersections are creating career advancement opportunities, and even new business and organizational structures. Some are creating pain for

Digital and Media – Millward Brown Predicts Trends for 2015

The hottest market research trends of the new year are often difficult to anticipate, but thanks to Millward Brown (MB), advertisers will be better prepared for what 2015 brings. The firm has just released its annual set

Video Will Rock the Market Research World in 2015

I’ve been reading a lot of predictions for market research—the typical pontification we see at this time of the year. Some of it has been very inspiring, but too many just rehash the obvious.

Personally, I think there

Article Synopsis: Seasonal marketing in a social age.

Analysis of actual shopping behavior conducted from mobile devices suggests that conventional definitions of seasonal shopping behaviors are being disrupted by mobile shopping. Beyond the powerful implications for marketers in general, this also has implications for

Alliance of International Market Research Institutes: A Pie Grows in Manhattan

Is the volume of “traditional” survey work declining, or is it simply that the volume of other methods is growing faster? In other words, the market research pie is growing, and surveys have a smaller slice of

Market Research Strategy Trends in the Fortune 500

Fortune 500 researchers often juggle the need to deliver fresh customer insights with the mandate to minimize research costs. How do they do it? By cutting costs where they can, and embracing cool new technologies when applicable.

Market Research Myopia: What the Industry Isn’t Seeing in its Own Research

“Market research firm releases pet ownership study: Forgets to survey people who own cats.”Can you imagine? Conducting a study on a topic, and forgetting to include participants who represent a large percent of the market?It

748 Votes Later: The Top 10 Market Research Industry Predictions for 2011 & Beyond

A total of 35 market research industry predictions were posted during the last two weeks of 2010. For each one, people could vote for or against the item, resulting in a net score.

Social Media Research As An Early Warning System

...the premise is simple: through early detection, events or patterns can be escalated as needed, thus preventing, or at least minimizing, problems.Social media research is a powerful tool that can be used as an early warning system