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B2B Market Segmentation is Hard. Really Hard. And We Have A Free Video To Explain Why.

B2B Market Segmentation is hard. It is very different than segmenting consumer markets. Free video explains why.

Why “Marketing” is Hard for “Market Researchers”

Numerous articles have been written, and debates engaged, about the question, “Are market researchers bad marketers?” It does strike one as odd—that a profession so driven to understand customer attitudes and behaviors, can’t seem to apply

New Market Research Training Store Offers over 25 Popular Topics in a Variety of Online and On-site Formats

Research Rockstar celebrates new Online Market Research Training store opening with the Ultimate Market Research Training Give Away Drawing; Enter for a Chance to Win a Year of Market Research Training

Market Segmentation: What to Look For in A Project Proposal

Here are a few practical tips about what you should see in a market segmentation proposal. If you see these things, it tells you that this proposal is from an experienced market research firm that understands

Market Segmentation, Southwest Airlines Style

They used an “a priori” segmentation model. Yup, that’s right. They went into the study with a hypothesized set of segments in mind. The segments were based on behavioral data from their existing customer database. During

Computer-Based Training for Market Research Excellence

Computer-based training (CBT), also known as eLearning, is a time-efficient, cost-effective training option for busy professionals.

Market Segmentation for Saving Money, and Making Money

Market segmentation is all about sales and marketing ROI. The premise is that to maximize success with a large population of customers, it is best to divide it into logical subgroups. By dividing one large, generalized market

Does Your Audience Hunger for Data?

A tricky part of successfully delivering client insight data is knowing how much data your audience really wants. So, be honest with yourself: do you understand your colleagues’ or clients’ data appetite?