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Let’s Focus

Focus groups have been a mainstay of market research for decades and are well known to both researchers and non-researchers. For instance, hearing “I want to run a focus group” from a client can sometimes mean they

What Makes Conjoint Analysis Compelling?

What if…? “What if we include this item in our smartphone product bundle, would that appeal to customers?” “What if we change the location of our annual conference?” “How important is it for us to include car

Segmenting for Success

“Manageable pieces” “Bite sized chunks” “More easily digestible groups” Each of these are phrases that have been used to describe market segmentation, through which a target market is divided into logical subgroups based on some combination of 

New SurveyGizmo Training Collection

Research Rockstar has introduced ‘The SurveyGizmo Collection,’ a set of seven online courses selected for marketing professionals seeking to expand their customer insights skills. SurveyGizmo’s Training Manager Aleta Hubbell worked with Research Rockstar President Kathryn Korostoff on

Planning to Use Social Media for Research? Read This First

Back in November, we asked if market researchers were listening to (or ignoring) social media as a resource for market research. If your clients really desire customer insights, then you can’t ignore social media entirely. The sheer size

Ditch the Paper

Years ago, we were prepping for an office move at my (former) job and we went to check out the new space. Outside my new office I was surprised to find a cube filled, almost literally from

Essential Quant Skills for Success

Most folks will agree there are some essential life skills we all should learn, from tying our shoes to learning how to swim. In our industry, there are some essential research skills that help to set us

What’s Your Superpower?

Has anyone ever asked you “If you had a superpower, what would it be?” The answers tend to range from “invisibility” to “superhuman strength” to “teleportation”. Did you know that as a market researcher you do have

Behavioral Economics: It’s your choice…or is it?

Hmmmm… Strawberry or hazelnut gelato? A new iPad or a refurbished iPad? Soup or salad? Leasing or buying a car? Paying for your software month-to-month or once annually? Let’s be honest, as market research professionals we are

Zillow, John Deere and Facebook Use R, Do You?

What do Facebook, Google, John Deere, the City of Chicago, Lloyds of London and Zillow have in common? They all use R for data analysis, statistical modeling, and more. According to Revolutionary Analytics: Facebook uses R for