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4th of July Freedom from Expensive Software: SPSS or Excel, It’s Time to Choose

Excel or SPSS? You might find that Excel is a better choice. You can analyze survey data with Excel. Learn how.

Yes, You Can Analyze Survey Data Using Excel

Spearheaded by Dan, we have developed a new curriculum around Excel as a data analysis tool. This training uses a flipped classroom model, supported by pre-recorded video lessons. In this model, the students watch videos as “homework”

Excel Versus SPSS? It’s Closer Than You Think

What if Excel could do 80% of the data analysis tasks that you use SPSS for?
If you haven't looked at Excel as a survey data analysis tool in a while, look again. Better still, come take our

The Quirk’s Event, 2016

There are four 4-hour workshops to choose from (topic details below). Each one begins at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m., with a one-and-a-half hour lunch break. Sign up NOW for the Quirk's Event 2016. To

Article Synopsis: “Training Needs in Survey Research Methods: an Overview”

eJournal Survey Practice By Barbara O’Hare, Matt Jans, Stanislav Kolenikov Synopsis by Research Rockstar intern Sarah Sites Surveys create valuable information for decision-making. According to an article in Survey Practice, “…results from survey research now drive policies,

Big Data at CRC:

Point-Counterpoint: What’s the Big Deal with Big Data?I am biased. Having taught the predictive analytics class in the pre-conference workshops, I have some ideas about the role of market researchers, data scientists and the messy intersections

“Mission: Possible”: A Structured Approach to Qualitative Analysis

Structured analysis also minimizes the risk of researcher bias. Don’t think it exists? There are actually several known forms of researcher bias, including Positive Bias and Inattentional Blindness.Our recommendation is to use both approaches. Using both an