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Article Synopsis: “The Internet’s Hidden Science Factory”

PBS Newshour, February 2015 By Jenny Marder Synopsis by Research Rockstar intern Sarah Sites Many researchers struggle to find willing survey takers. What if there were a website to which they could post their surveys, exchanging a

Article Synopsis: The High Price of Customer Satisfaction

Highly satisfied customers = revenue dollars. Or do they? Some data has shown that the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer spending behavior is surprisingly weak. In this article, the authors share their analysis of the

Market Research & Lost Mojo: Article Synopsis

Andrew Reid, son of Market Research luminary Angus Reid, says Market Research has “lost its mojo.” In a new article published in Entrepreneur Magazine, Reid states, “In the early 2000s, with the increased use of email, the

3 Tips to Avoid Bad Market Research Software Purchases

Market research software comes in many forms these days: survey programming, data analysis, text analytics, and social media analysis are among the most common.

The good news for buyers is that many firms offer monthly options—helping you, the

The Lost of Art of Pre-testing Questionnaires: Don’t Let Your Market Research Crash

I have had two recent experiences where I had seasoned researchers working with Research Rockstar clients, and they had assumed pre-tests were not required. Really? That’s the assumption? I wonder how many pilots assume pre-flight checklists

Best Market Research Articles of 2013: Third in a Series of 10

Have you ever bought something because all of your friends had it? While we may be loath to admit it, our actions are swayed by friends, groups, and the public. Perhaps even more so than what

One Big Survey or Three Small Surveys?

When it comes to market research projects, how big is too big?

Best Market Research Articles of 2013: Second in a Series of 10

Article Synopsis: Think about eBay, Amazon, and Angie’s List—all public, continuous sources of ratings. Moran cites a survey conducted by FTI Consulting which found that over 50% of respondents give a “great deal of consideration to

For Market Research Excellence: Stop

7 times when market researchers need to stop. Knowing when to stop is a discipline. But after 25 years in the market research business, I know that some of my best work has been when I

Getting a 16-Word Survey Wrong [a Special Guest Post by Jeffrey Henning]

I’m a fan of Google Consumer Surveys’ limitation on question length. Google limits you to questions of no more than 125 characters long, primarily – I believe – for a better experience for readers of the sites