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Article Synopsis: The High Price of Customer Satisfaction

Highly satisfied customers = revenue dollars. Or do they? Some data has shown that the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer spending behavior is surprisingly weak. In this article, the authors share their analysis of the

Survey Template: Gauging Brand Perception

What does your target market think of your brand? How does your target market perceive your brand as compared to your competitors’ brands? While brand research can be a very complex, exhaustive exercise, in many cases a

In Search of Useful Market Research Displays: Don’t Forget Venn Diagrams

In Search of Useful Market Research Displays: Don't Forget Venn Diagrams. Bored with bar and pie charts? Maybe it’s time to rethink the types of graphics you are using to display key research findings.One graphic display that

Wanted: A Fresh, Competitive Edge

Talking to competitors' customers is a great form of market research and it is surprisingly feasible in many markets.