Bringing Life to Market Research Results

Have you ever delivered a big market research study, and had your internal clients completely ignore it?

It is an unfortunately common and painful experience.

Sometimes the challenge is that audience members find numbers too impersonal.  They see charts and graphs and they just don’t seem to represent living, breathing customers.  And nobody is going to take action based on market research data in which they don’t completely believe.

In many cases, bringing the data to life can be done easily.

Try conducting a handful of in-depth interviews with some of the research participants to capture verbatim quotes about some of the surprising results. Was there a result in the research that revealed customers are less satisfied than expected with a new product? Quoting an actual customer about this can make it feel more real.

Did research participants indicate a preference for competitor A’s packaging? Bring some samples to the final presentation—let your audience see and touch the packaging as you discuss the results. Of course, your audience is hopefully already familiar with competitive packaging, but having an example in hand during the presentation adds impact.

Did the research suggest that customers who receive your print catalog buy more from your online store than customers who do not receive your print catalog? Pass around the print catalog during the presentation. Engage the audience in a discussion of hypotheses as to why this might be the case.

While these are just a few simple examples, hopefully they will inspire you to add quotes or physical “evidence” to your presentations. Both techniques will help make your research results feel less theoretical, and more concrete. And that will help your audience take action.

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