We have all been there: you want a new credential, something that will showcase your skills and knowledge. But graduate school can be overkill (not to mention slow and expensive). And certifications can be costly and difficult to maintain.

Is it time to refresh your credentials?

So, do you need a new credential? Well, that’s your call. What we can say is this: A certificate from a leading professional association is an option for rising above the noise so that hiring managers will correctly perceive you as a dedicated professional who cares about skill and career advancement.

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You may begin to wonder: 

  • Do I really need a new credential?
  • How hard will it be to get a new credential?

Employers are Frustrated

The brutal reality is simple: anyone can claim to be a “market research professional.” There is no legal requirement to have a credential. As a result, employers get frustrated—they get applicants who are unqualified; hiring processes get frustrating.

Have you heard about the Insights Association Certificates in Qualitative & Quantitative Research Principles?

The Insights Association Specialty Certificates help you LEARN AND EARN.

The Credential You Earn Through Learning

Despite this reality…YOU CAN RISE ABOVE THE NOISE!

A credential can help you stand out from the crowd—showing you are a professional dedicated to advancing your skills, and by extension, your employer’s success.

What makes the Insights Association Certificates so effective?

The Certificate program is designed to deliver a valuable and flexible student experience:

  1. Real learning. You earn the certificate by successfully completing a minimum of 21 hours of training courses. You will refresh existing knowledge, add new topics to your toolkit, and have fun meeting your fellow research rockstars.
  2. Passing is passing. No need to re-take the tests every few years, no need to maintain status by reporting subsequent training. Once you earn an IA Certificate, it is yours. Period.  
  3. Time efficient. Many students complete the program in under 10 months.
  4. No surprises. Pay once (all courses are included in the fee), pass your courses (70% or better for final assessments), and you will earn your certificate and receive a framed copy from the Insights Association. So, make a place on your wall!

“But I don’t have time!” Sure, you do!

  • Most courses meet just once a week for 90 minutes.   
  • Yes, there is homework for most courses, but most classes require just 30-45 minutes per week (sorry, but you can’t develop the skill without some hands-on work).
  • No travel: all classes meet in real-time in our virtual classroom. 

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Is it time to refresh your resume? Amp up your LinkedIn profile?

Consider an Insights Association Specialty Certificate.

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