5 Options for Advancing Market Research Skills

If you value training that will refresh or expand your professional skills, you have options:

  1. You can get a Master’s degree.  
  2. You can read books on behavioral science, market research, statistics, and so on.  
  3. You can attend seminars at industry conferences.
  4. You can attend in-person courses.
  5. You can take eLearning courses.

Our specialty is that last one—eLearning courses.

                                                                                                        And our online courses are different: they are taught in real-time!. Our students attend live classes in a virtual classroom—with an instructor and a group of typically 7 to 10 peers. This way, we can offer the interaction (and accountability!) of real-time instruction with the convenience of no travel. Plus, our classes are fully recorded. So no worries if you miss a class—it happens. You’re busy. You travel. We get it. Just watch the recording and you’ll keep up.

So, what do you think? Is our approach to eLearning a fit for you? If so, you have three options to jump in:

1. Choose single courses (courses taught by a team 

of 10 market research and data analysis experts).

Backstage Pass customers have

access to a 24x7 Training Dashboard which includes a growing library of recorded lectures from our instructors

and special guest experts.

3. Register for an Insights Association Specialty Certificate 

in Qualitative 

or Quantitative Research.

2. Purchase a Backstage Pass (12-month membership, full access to all 

25+ courses offered each year).

A mix of lecture, interactive exercises, and demonstrations. Applied courses also have peer homework review. The content includes audio, 

video, and chat.

Yes. Just note that all courses need to be completed in a 16-month period for the Certificate programs. *

*To earn an Insights Certificate, students must successfully complete a minimum of 21 hours from qualified courses within 16-months. All qualified courses have final online assessments; a 70% or better is required for successful completion. There are no additional exam requirements.

So Research Rockstar classes are real-time?

What should I expect during class times?

Yes. Our time zone is US Eastern (Boston). Classes have 11am or 1pm start times. Most of our courses meet 2 to 4 times, once weekly (for example, four consecutive Mondays 11am 

to 12:30pm Eastern).

Can I start with

a Backstage Pass and

apply qualified courses to an Insights Association Certificate in the future?